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Cubic equation calculator

Cubic equation belongs to the third order where a is not equal to zero, ax3 + bx2 + cx + d = 0. Value X is called as the root of cubical equation provided it reduces to the right equality upon its substitution.

Some main methods of solution exist:

  • Cardano formula (It is interesting that the scientist was the first to discover complex numbers);
  • Reflexive method;
  • Trigonometric Vieta formulas (founder of symbolic algebra);
  • Bezout theorem.

It is on our site that the finding cubic root with the help of Viet-Cardano formula is being performed, it always has three roots. Use symbol “minus” to introduce the negative coefficient, for example -20. Only numbers are permitted to enter. To find out the solution of the equation of third order it is necessary to fill in the form and press the button.

Cubic equations solver

$x^3+$ $x^2+$ $x+$ $=0$

  • Example:
  • $x^3$+2$x^2$+2$x$+1$=0$
  • $x^3$-2$x^2$+5$x$+3$=0$
  • $x^3$+1$=0$


Enter the task and press button "Solve", after pressing the detailed solution will appear here!
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