Resolfing of mathematical equations

Definite integral calculator

You can calculate a definite integral of a function using our resource on our website. You can find the detail solution at the foot of the page. The program automatically calculates the required value.

Detailed instruction of the use of calculator:

1. Enter the integral function with variable X. Use standard operations in equation.

adding +
mathematical function
multiplication *
division / 
exponentiation ^
subtraction -

2. Introduce upper and lower limits of integration.

3. Press button “Solve”.

4. The calculator will find the required value in some seconds and calculate a step by step solution with detailed explanation.

Definite integral solver

Enter the function and limits of integration:
$\d x$

  • Example:
  • $$\∫↙{0}↖{1} (x · \cosx) \dx$$
  • $$\∫↙{1}↖{2} (x^2 · e^{-x}) \dx$$
  • $$\∫↙{0}↖{3} (1/{√{25+ 3x}}) \dx$$


Enter the task and press button "Solve", after pressing the detailed solution will appear here!
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