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Our site is developed for online fast solution to different kind of equations. You will manage to fined unknown (x1, x2 and so no) in the system of equations (SE) very easy.  

Inverse matrix (IM) is a matrix А−1. If the initial matrix A multiplies by А−1 it is obtained a unity matrix Е.

No inverse matrix is for singular and non-square kinds. But you have an opportunity to enter pseudoinverse matrix that have properties resemble inverse ones. More simply, to resolve SE by method IM, it is necessary to use calculations of the matrix determinant.

This method suits for resolving SLE in which the number of equations coincides with the number of unknown variables. The determinant of the main system is not equal to zero. If the system includes more than three equations it will require more efforts to calculate. That is why Gauss method is more suitable for resolving in this case.

Inverse matrix 2x2, 3x3, 4x4 online solver

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When solving the system of equations by the method of inverse matrix, the calculation of determinant of matrix (for calculation of the matrix inverse to the main matrix of the system of equations). In order to the matrix has an inverse one it is enough that its determinant should be different from zero. That is the matrix should be nondegenerate.
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