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Limits calculator

The online professional calculator will help You deduct and calculate the limit of function in some seconds. The program as well gives step by step solution, not just an answer. This is very advantageous for understanding of the process.

Brief instruction for use of calculator:

1. Enter the math expression with variable “x”. Use standard operations in the expression;

adding +
mathematical function
multiplication *
division / 
exponentiation ^
subtraction -

2. Enter the value (to which variable “x” approaches).

3. Press button “Solution”.

4. In a split second the solution with online detailed description and notes will appear.

Limit solver with steps


Choos the limit and read rules of function entry

  • Example:
  • $$\lim↙{x→∞} x · sin(1/x)$$
  • $$\lim↙{x→∞} {\ln x}/x$$
  • $$\lim↙{x→-1} {2x^2 - 3x -5}/{x+1}$$


Enter the task and press button "Solve", after pressing the detailed solution will appear here!
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Limit finder

You can see that there are some examples on the page where margins are filled automatically. Choose the function “Solution” and get the ready detailed explanation. You can leave your notes and see the other user’s questions at the foot of page

You can calculate the limit of function easy on our site The calculation of the value will be performed in the shortest time possible that will considerably save Your time. Calculation, definition, finding of values are available for everybody.


Limits calculator