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Quadratic equation calculator

Quadratic equation belongs to general second-kind algebraic equations , where Х is a free variable, a, b, c are coefficients, where a is not equal to 0.

It can have value from one to two roots with real coefficients and depends on discriminant value. The roots may be complex and real.

Some general stages of solution:

1. Discriminant is calculated by such a formula: 

2. Roots of quadratic equation are found out with the help of online calculator by the next formula:

Enter a negative coefficient if You need to put a minus.

Quadratic equation solver

$x^2+$ $x+$ $=0$

  • Example:
  • $x^2$+2$x$+1$=0$
  • $x^2$-2$x$+3$=0$
  • $x^2$+1$=0$


Enter the task and press button "Solve", after pressing the detailed solution will appear here!
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